Monday, 11 May 2015

Product Review - Too Faced Color Bomb Lip Injection

I have been wanting to try a lip plumping product for a long time but I've been put off by people saying that it feels like your lips are being burnt off but when I saw Too Faced Color Bomb Lip Injection in TK Maxx for a mere £5.99, I couldn't leave it behind.

The only shade they had was Eastwood Red but there seems to be a few more pink and nude shades in the collection.

The product itself is like a lip crayon. It says on the box that it should not be applied on the skin around the lips and that you will experience "intense tingling" for the first 10 minutes.

When I first applied the product - I felt nothing for the first 2 minutes and then all of a sudden the "tingling" (see: burning) sensation started. It wasn't THAT painful but it was pretty irritating, thankfully it does only last for the 10 minutes.

These are my before and after photos - I think you can clearly see the difference so it does work. The red colour is very bright too so you can wear this on its own. Next time I am going to try putting the Lip Injection over my Ruby Woo MAC lipstick and Cherry lip liner to see what happens there.

Overall I think I would definitely re-purchase this and also get it in a few other pink shades as well. The usual price of this product is £15.00 which is three times more expensive than I got it for BUT still cheaper than other popular lip plumping treatments such as Lip Voltage.

Let me know what you thought of Too Faced's Lip Injection in the comment box or let me know if you've tried any other lip plumping products! 

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