Saturday, 11 July 2015

7 Scentsational Scents !

I am crazy about things that smell nice - whether that's a perfume, body spray or just a nice smelling moisturiser! I'm also a firm believer that when it comes to fragrances, cost doesn't always reflect quality. You'll see from my recommendations that I prefer fruity-floral scents but there's a few others thrown in there as well.  Here's 7 of my favourites!

1. Juicy Couture Royal Body Creme moisturiser

This is my go-to moisturiser and I use it every single day after showering. I usually put it on at night and by morning and into the next day, I can still smell it on my skin. It's very long-lasting but not overpowering. It's listed as a mixture of "watermelon, passionfruit, vanilla creme brulee, wood and patchouli" and I am OBSESSED with it. I got mine for £4.99 in TK Maxx which was a total steal and I really hope I can find it again before this one runs out. The packaging is pretty sleek and reminds me of Jack Wills.

2. Paris Hilton Signature body spray

All of my friends used to wear this perfume at high school and all of a sudden we couldn't get our hands on it anywhere and we thought it had been discontinued. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that it had been made into this HUGE body spray for Superdrug. It cost £10.00 which is well worth it considering you get 236ml of product. The scent itself is fruity-floral and it's a throwback to my youth! Please let me know if you ever see it in perfume form - it's the same bottle but smaller.

3. Stormflower by Cheryl

Before anyone says anything - I am not being biased as a Girls Aloud fan. This perfume is genuinely TO DIE FOR and my favourite celebrity scent. It even won an award through The Perfume Shop so I'm not the only one who loves it. The scent is another floral fruity one but I've never smelled another perfume like it. According to her website it's "Luscious mandarin and nectarine" mixed with Freesia and peach blossom, vanilla, white musk and sandalwood." Granted this means very little to me but the variety of ingredients used in this perfume shows how unique the scent really is. As you can see, I've nearly used up the whole bottle but I've already re-purchased so I never run out. The packaging is beautiful and really unique. She has brought an Eau De Toilette version as well but I find that they don't stay on as long so I've resisted temptation to buy it so far!

4. Blissful Mistful by Zoella

I had been wanting to get my hands on this one for such a long time. It costs £8.00 and is exclusive to Superdrug. This one smells really fresh and it lasts around 2 hours - which is roughly what I would expect for a body mist. . The only thing I will say is that I think I'll run out of this pretty quickly as regular re-sprays are needed. I would absolutely love it if Zoella brought out a perfume version of this spray so that it would last longer but I can't wait to try the new sprays from her Tutti Frutti collection.

5. Little Pink Dress 

This is another absolute bargain from Avon at £13.00 - it was a total impulse buy as I REALLY don't need more perfume but it was worth it.  You can also try Little Black Dress which is a bit more "sophisticated" but this one is my favourite. It's long lasting, extremely girly and comes in a small enough bottle that you can carry it around easily in case you need to top up. The main scents in this perfume are lemon and peony (again with the fruity-floral theme!) I'm not sure yet whether I'll re-purchase once it's done, the jury is still out but at the moment I like it.

6. Equivalenza "Dreaming Hawaii" hand cream

My friend from work gave me this - my first ever Equivalenza product. This leaves my hands feeling really super soft and the scent is beautiful, very exotic. It is made with shea butter, Asiatic Centella and Sweet Almond oil. I will definitely be re-purchasing and I'll probably try some of the other four scents in this collection as well.

7. Passionfruit and Peony body spray

This is another lovely Avon scent  from their "Avon Naturals" collection - I got it at the introductory price of 99p but I think at full price it's about £3.00-£3.50 which is still a bargain. It's very fruity and extremely long-lasting for a body spray. The 100ml is just the right size to carry around in my handbag and it's the perfect scent for summer.

So there we have it! What are your favourite scents? Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet @MsMegan91 !

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