Monday, 24 August 2015

Newcastle Fashion/Beauty Haul

Hello! I've just come back from a week in Newcastle - I had such a brilliant time and I think I've come back loving the city and Geordies even more than I did before! While I was there I seized the opportunity to do some shopping at the biggest mall in Europe (the Metrocentre is ridiculously huge!) so I thought I'd post my haul anyway!

These first three items were all from the Supply and Demand range at JD Sports. I have always loved the streetwear from JD Sports and this brand is amazing.

These leggings cost £18.00 which is more than what I would normally pay for leggings but the quality is excellent and they're really slimming. I'm one of those people with a very small waist and larger hips so it's hard to find leggings which don't draw huge attention to that. I especially love the elasticated waistband on these.

This t-shirt also cost £18.00. I was attracted to the bright colours and I really like the "basketball jersey" material.

The final thing I got from Supply and Demand was this hoody which cost £25.00. I bought this in quite a small size as I feel that it looks better when it's tight fitting as opposed to baggy. The sleeves have a lovely floral print, not unlike the ones on my leggings and I can't wait to wear them both together.

The next shop I bought things in was Primark (I know, travelling all the way to Newcastle and end up shopping at Primark) In my defence, the store was MASSIVE and it had a lot of things that I didn't see in the Belfast store.

I bought this necklace (£5.00) and matching bracelet (£2.00) because I love to wear statement jewellery with "basics" such as plain t-shirts to give them a bit more character. I imagine the colours will fade as I wear them but at that price - it's completely fine.

These pyjamas were £8.00 and I just couldn't leave them behind. I love My Little Pony (especially G1 and G4) these are so comfortable and perfect for the warmer weather.

I got these black pumps for £6.00 because I had brought heels to wear on nights out while I was away - but no-one told me that Newcastle was built on a hill with lots of cobbled streets! I'm pretty bad at walking in heels at the best of times - so emergency pumps were a necessity! I feel like I've already got my £6.00 worth of wear out of them. They're quite good quality considering the price and I'm going to keep wearing them until they give up as they go with everything!

Finally I got this grey t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse floral logo for £6.00. I'm a big fan of Disney and couldn't leave the shop without buying this!

In H&M I got this floral street-style t-shirt. I've always worn it on a night out with a black leather skirt but it can be dressed down with a simple pair of jeans as well. This was £7.99.

Believe it or not, the only make-up product I bought when I was away was the Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in Pink Gold. I had been eyeing this one up for a while and for £4.99 - who could resist? I have had a play with this and they aren't lying when they say that it's long-wearing. I found to get the full effect of the colour - you do need to pack it on a bit but once it's on - it looks great.

I hope you've all had a great few weeks - I have a couple of new posts lined up to go live in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that!


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