Monday, 10 August 2015

Review - I Heart Chocolate Palette by MakeUp Revolution

The Chocolate Bar palette by TooFaced has been on my wishlist for the longest time but the price tag was putting me off. So naturally when MakeUp Revolution's sister brand "I Heart MakeUp" released this dupe which has been getting rave reviews on a number of beauty blogs - I simply had to try it out. I must say - having played with this palette, this is the most excited I've ever been about a product!


This palette is shaped like a giant melting chocolate bar. I hugely appreciate the effort that has gone into this packaging as it really stands out from the classic MakeUp Revolution palettes . It's sturdy and shuts tightly so there's little chance of damage if you're carrying it around in your bag.


The palette has 16 eyeshadows - all almost identical to their TooFaced counterparts. The only difference from first glance is the placing of the first two shadows which have been reversed. There is a decent mix of mattes and shimmers - perfect for creating both neutral and smoky looks. I have been YouTubing make-up tutorials for the Chocolate Bar palette and using the shades from I Heart Chocolate to create them. The results are identical.

As per most Make-Up Revolution/ I Heart Make-Up palettes - it comes with a huge mirror which comes in really handy when you're on the go.


Top Row - You Need Love, Piece Me Together, One More Piece, Love Torn and Stolen Chocolate

Middle Row - Thank Friday , More!, Pleasure Girl, Meet Chocolate, Unforgivable, Love Divine.

Bottom Row - Smooth Criminal, Chocolate Love, You Need More, What A Way To Go, and Endorphins Ready!

As you can see - all of the shadows (except maybe Meet Chocolate) are highly pigmented and fall-out is minimal. I honestly squealed a little bit as I was swatching these - the quality is just unbelievable.

I have swatched the colours on top of BeautyUK Eye Prime FX. When using the eyeshadow on my eyes I normally use MAC's Pro-Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly as a primer but it was so expensive and I don't want to waste it on swatches!


The I Heart Chocolate palette comes with a double sided sponge applicator - we all know I hate those but the Chocolate Bar palette doesn't come with any brushes or applicators so for once the horrible little sponges win!


Like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette - all of the eyeshadows have their own name on a plastic sheet. Obviously this isn't a necessity but it makes talking about each shadow a lot easier. 


No doubt one of the biggest appealing factors for this palette is the price tag. It costs a mere £7.99 and for 16 eyeshadows that works out at just 49p each! The TooFaced palette comes in at £39.00 - can you see why I opted for the I Heart MakeUp one?! 


The I Heart Chocolate palette is available from the MakeUp Revolution website ( and from some Superdrug outlets. My local Superdrug doesn't stock it yet - but the website is extremely reliable and I usually receive the products within a few days of my order. 


One of the biggest selling points of TooFaced's Chocolate Bar palette is that it actually smells like chocolate. Unfortunately - the I Heart Chocolate one isn't scented but I think I'll cope.

Overall Opinion

Overall - I absolutely love this palette and I would recommend it to anyone who has been put off by the price tag of the Chocolate Bar palette.

The only real difference between the two palettes is the scent. The quality of the eyeshadows is just as good and you can create the same looks for a fraction of the price.

If this palette is not for you - check out the "Death By Chocolate" and the "Naked Chocolate" palettes. Death by Chocolate is a dupe for the "Semi-Sweet" palette from TooFaced and as far as I'm aware, Naked Chocolate is just one of their own original creations. 

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