Saturday, 26 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas...

I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones and that Santa was good to each and every one of you.

I know every single beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger will be doing this post in the coming days, but this time it's okay not to be original! 

My "main present" was some money towards my lovely new 40 inch TV! No photos at the moment because the TV is in my flat in Belfast and I'm typing this from my parents house in Bangor! It is beautiful though, take my word for it!

In terms of "beauty" items, I got two perfume gift sets which were Michael Kors "Glam Jasmine" and Firetrap, both gorgeous. I got two Avon gel nail varnishes in red and pink, a black eyeliner, Urban Decay "Perversion" mascara, a leather make-up bag and the Urban Decay Vice 4 eyeshadow palette (see previous post for a full review!)

My "miscellaneous" presents were a heat compress (I heart back pain, not), a hot chocolate scented candle, an adult colouring book and pencils, Minions on DVD, hand cream, a fluffy keyring, Shonda Rhimes' book "Year of Yes" and a set of Betsy Johnson socks. 

I also got this Minnie Mouse lego set. It took FOREVER to build because the pieces were tiny and the design was so intricate. I swear I am never taking it apart!

As usual, I got loads of sweets and chocolate. Especially excited about the huge jar of jelly beans (36 flavours man, it's like Harry Potter!)

I also got this cute sign for my flat and a scented lamp (I'm not quite sure how it works either but I'm excited to find out!)

Obviously this has just been a very brief overview so if anyone wants to know more about a specific item or product, leave a comment below or tweet me @MsMegan91 !

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  1. You did fab! Those sensy plug ins are so good - never had one but Jen and Laura both have them, go to them for advice! x