Friday, 24 April 2015

Blippo Mini-Haul


I recently put in an order on a website I've wanted to try out for a long time, Blippo ! Blippo is a online store which sells Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. They have a sale on at the moment and some of the items have up to 80% off, so if you're into Kawaii items, go check it out right now and get your favourites before they're gone!

Blippo have a huge range of  unique products from Japanese sweets, to mobile phone accessories, bags, kitchenware, stationary, plushies and so much more. The site is updated regularly with new items and offers.

Shipping to the UK is free and they say delivery takes between 1-3 weeks. Mine came in two weeks and I live in Northern Ireland so I can't complain about that at all.

The only negative thing about Blippo is that items go out of stock fast, so you need to be really quick if you see something you like. But even then, if your product is out of stock you can sign up with your e-mail address and ask to be notified when they have more. Amazing.

So here's a run-down of the products I bought and a bit about each one:

I got this bag because I realised that all of my handbags are dark, winter colours and coming into the summer, I wanted one to match the season. This bag is pink satin with a zip to close.The bag is very good quality and although it looks small, there is a lot of room inside. I absolutely love the double braided handles. This bag cost £14.64 and I can't wait to use this all summer.

I was really impressed with these nail wraps and they only cost 87p! The design is absolutely beautiful and the only reason I haven't posted a photograph of these on my nails is because I want to keep them for a special occasion. When I do wear them, I'll put a photo on my Instagram (@MsMegan91) . One thing I noticed about these is that they're quite small. I've always found that nail wraps are too big for my nails and I have a real mission to cut them down to size without ruining the stickers altogether but these are perfect.

These earrings were on sale for 76p each, so they were practically giving these away. Both pairs have a rainbow pattern so they'll go with pretty much anything and I love that they came with metal backs instead of the clear plastic ones as they are much stronger and you're less likely to lose one.

I like this hairband a lot, very bright and neon for the summer. The only negative about this is that the bow is very small, so if you have thick hair like mine, it's quite hard to see. This hairband cost £2.10.

I was a bit mislead by this hair-tie as when I ordered it , I thought it was an elasticated hairband, as it is advertised on the website as a "hairband". But it's ok as I will still use this when I have my hair in a pony tail. It's very cute and the elastic is very strong so it would keep even the thickest of hair in place. It cost £1.09.

When I saw these Puccho sweets I just had to buy them because I've never seen grapefruit flavoured sweets before. One of my favourite YouTubers Manda31409 reviewed these and loved them so I wanted to try them too. Each sweet is individually wrapped in silver foil and the packaging is adorable. They have the texture of Starburst/Chewits and they have a super-strong grapefruit taste. I'm not 100% sold on these as my first reaction was "They taste like soap" but if you like grapefruit, give them a try for £1.37.

I actually didn't order these Rilakkuma snacks but Blippo were kind enough to throw these in as a freebie. I am obsessed with the Rilakkuma character and the packaging is to die for. They are shaped like little Rilakumma heads and have the texture of a rice cracker. I found it really hard to pinpoint what these taste like, as the packaging is all in Japanese so I don't know what flavour they're meant to be. But after eating the whole packet, I THINK they were cheese flavoured. If you've had these before, please comment below or send me a tweet and let me know what you think they taste like!

Overall I absolutely LOVE Blippo, I would recommend them to anyone and I'm looking forward to placing my next order! Let me know if you've got any Blippo products you think I should try either in the comments box below or on Twitter at @MsMegan91

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Review - Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes

I cannot praise this mascara enough - it's so under-rated and I don't understand why everyone doesn't own Younique's Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes.

I was so sceptical about trying this product because it's one of those products where you see the "before" and "after" photographs and think "yeah right, those are fake lashes"  but I was so happy to be proven wrong.

I've always found it really difficult to find a mascara that gives my eyelashes extra length and volume without looking clumpy and spider-like. But now I think I've found the answer!

The product comes in a lovely elegant black case and contains two mascara tubes. The first is a black gel and the second is the fibres. I really like that the gel is black - many similar products use a white gel, which makes it really easy to tell if you miss a lash. Don't be put off by the fibres, I thought they were going to end up looking like eyeshadow fall-out but they stay in place really well.

Here's how it works:

1. Curl your lashes and apply one coat of your regular mascara (my go-to is Perversion by Urban Decay but any will do!)

2. Apply one coat of the Younique gel.

3. Before the gel dries, add one coat of the fibres.

4. Apply another coat of the Younique gel to set the fibres in place.

You can repeat steps 2-3 two or three times if you want to create a more dramatic false-lash effect, but I found that just one coat is enough to create visibly longer and thicker lashes. The four-step technique may add a little extra time to your daily make-up routine but the results are worth it.

TOP TIP - Do not apply the Fibres too close to the root of your eyelashes as they are more likely to irritate your eyes.

When it comes to removing it - use your regular eye make-up remover, it comes off just the same.

These are my before and after photographs - in the first one I am wearing no make-up at all, the second is my eyes after I have finished applying the Younique 3D Fibre Lashes - the difference is obvious! I know the first photo is very poor quality but you can clearly see that I have no natural lashes!

You can't buy this product in-store at the moment but you can order it from the Younique website (see below) for £23.00, which may seem a little pricey but you will save a tonne on constantly replacing drugstore mascaras or buying fake lashes which only last a few wears (if that!) I would recommend this product to anyone.

I haven't tried any other Younique products as yet, but if you have, comment down below or tweet me @MsMegan91 and let me know which ones you've tried and if they're as good as these lashes!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

iPhone 5C Case Collection

Hello! I thought I would do a case collection post as I've watched countless similar videos on YouTube and I've found them really helpful when I've been looking for new cases.

As I've mentioned previously in my App review post, I have the iPhone 5C in White. I've always found it really frustrating trying to find cases for the iPhone 5C as there are very few shops that stock cases for this model. So I thought that I'd show you the cases that I do have - and where I got them. Where possible I have included links to where you can buy your own!

Personally, I prefer silicone cases as they provide a lot more protection for your phone and they make the phone a lot less likely to slip out of your hands and break. They may be a bit bulkier than the snap-on cases - but the added protection is worth it.

The first case I'm going to talk about is this Victoria's Secret case. It's a two-toned striped case with the Victoria's Secret  logo on the back. I bought this case on eBay as 1) I'm obsessed with the brand and 2) we don't have VS in Northern Ireland. The thick bumpers around the screen mean that if the phone is dropped face down - it's a lot less likely to smash. I paid around £6.00 for this case and you can find it in a variety of colours.  Click here to buy now!

I was actually a bit disappointed in this next case. I got it from Claire's Accessories for £8.00. It looks amazing on its own - half transparent with multi-coloured glitter zig zags. However - when it's put on the phone, (as you can see) the zig zags half cover the Apple logo and it ends up looking a bit cheap. I don't use this case often but I've kept it anyway. Click here to buy now

The next case is this Moschino McDonalds-inspired case which I bought from eBay for £7.99. Although it makes my phone a bit bulky - this case provides the best protection out of all of my cases and I always get a lot of compliments from people when I use it. This is also the phone case Amelia Lily used in her music video for "California."

This is the first case I ever bought for my iPhone, as a massive Disney geek. Mickey Mouse is my all-time favourite Disney character - so when I found this one on eBay I just had to buy it. It's just a standard snap-on case but I like it because it's easy to take on and off. It cost £3.99 but I've found it here for £2.49  (I'm too good to you guys!) Click here to buy now

This is another eBay case which you can purchase for £1.99 in a huge selection of colours! My case is blue with white spots. It's a gel case which is easy to take on and off and provides a great level of protection for the phone given its super-cheap price! Click here to buy now!

Time for yet another Disney case! This one was £3.99 from eEbay. It's blue with a Mickey Mouse design which - if you look closely - is made up of loads of Disney characters. I absolutely love the "If you dream it, you can do it!" quote from Walt Disney and this sealed the deal for me. The edges of the case are transparent. The only bad thing I will say about this case is that it is literally snap-on snap-off and doesn't provide any protection for the phone. Click here to buy now!

This is the second case I bought for my iPhone. I absolutely love these cases as they're semi-transparent. They change the colour of your phone but you can still see the "Apple" logo as clear as day. Really clever and they only cost £1.49. I'm planning on buying the other colours soon but the one I have is dark pink.  Click here to buy now

I also got this floral case on Ebay. It's a snap-on hard case and it's one of my favourites because I love floral patterns. My only criticism of this case is that for some reason this is THE MOST DIFFICULT case to take off and I'm always scared that one day I'm going to pull it too hard and I'm going to end up breaking my phone. This isn't the exact seller that I bought it from but it looks like the same product for £1.80 Click here to buy now

Another case from Claire's Accessories now - this one is an owl silicone case for £8.00. I bought this case because I absolutely love the "googly" eyes and little pink ears. This is a good protective case but it can get dirty-looking very quickly as it's transparent. Click here to buy now

This is another one of my all-time favourite cases - it's from the Katy Perry "Prism" collection at Claires Accessories. This is one of my slightly more expensive cases at £10.00. My case is pink and I love the quilted texture. The little dimante ears are absolutely adorable and make your phone stand out. One of the dimante's have sadly come off my phone - but this is down to wear and tear - it is a very good quality product. This was also available in black but it looks as though this case is no longer available.

I got this M&M's case for £2.99 on eBay. It comes in a huge range of colours and is very thick silicone so it offers a lot of protection to your phone and good grip. Mine is the dark purple case. Click here to buy now

I got this snap-on Skittles case for £5.99. I like this snap on case but I found that when it arrived - the colours were a lot paler than they appeared on the photographs. You can get this case with pretty much any sweet/candy wrapper design. Please note this is not the seller I used but this is the exact same product. Click here to buy now

Finally I got this unicorn case a long time back. I absolutely love the texture of this case - you can just tell that it's good quality and gives really good grip for a snap-on case.. You can buy it now in a few different colours for £4.95 (50% off RRP). Click here to buy now

So that's it, I hope you enjoyed having a look at my collection. Feel free to tweet any questions to me at @MsMegan91  or let me know if you've seen a cute case somewhere that you think I'd like!