Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Recent Favourites

It's been a while since I've done a favourites post so instead of doing "April favourites" or "May favourites" I've put everything in together this time around. Let me know what your current faves are by tweeting me @MsMegan91 or by leaving a comment below!

MakeUp Products

This one is probably no surprise. Beauty YouTubers have been going crazy over this for a while now but I only just bought it last weekend when I ran out of my usual primer. I have found that it's definitely worth the hype. The only thing I don't like about this is the "man smell" but it goes away within a few seconds. When you apply this to the skin it becomes tacky and your make-up sticks to it all day. I particularly like this version as it's for sensitive skin and doesn't cause breakouts!

I've wanted a Kylie lip-kit for so long but I always miss them and they sell out. I managed to get this one on Depop. Quite a few people are selling them on there, at a first glance it looks like you're paying way more for them but don't forget that shipping from America makes them cost a lot more than the $18 price tag! I bought "King K" because I've never seen another lip colour like it. It's definitely not one that I would wear on a day-to-day basis but it's amazing for a night out. It lasts a long time too, so you don't need to constantly top it up. I've been wearing it with a nude lip liner (make sure it matches your skin as closely as possible!) I will hopefully be getting more of these lip kits soon - Reign is next on my list!

Another liquid lipstick that I've been loving is the shade "16" by Inglot. Inglot recently opened a stand in Castle Court in Belfast and I'm SO excited about it. Their products are very high quality and I'm so glad I won't have to trek down to Dublin to get it anymore! Again, I wear this shade with a nude lipliner and then put the liquid lipstick OVER it to make my lips look fuller. Unlike King K, this one is perfect to wear to work, uni, college etc.

Hair Product

You'll see in my picture later on in this post, I recently got my hair dyed dark red. My hairdresser always uses this Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hair Mousse on my hair to keep my curls tight and under control.If you're in the Bangor (Northern Ireland) area I would definitely recommend Karin at Central Cutz, she's been doing my hair since I was no age. I apply this while my hair is still damp - so it dries into tight curls.I found this product quite hard to get hold of though, most drugstores don't have it but I managed to get it in Sally's.

Body Product

I managed to get this Victoria's Secret body lotion in Pure Seduction at TK Maxx recently. As with most Victoria's Secret products, the scent is TO DIE FOR and it leaves your skin feeling really soft and refreshed.


I wore this on a night out with my friends earlier this month. The waistcoat is Fleur East for Lipsy and the leather leggings are also by Lipsy. My white top is actually borrowed from my mum's wardrobe (oops!) and my wedge trainers were from Internationale.

TV Series

I am obsessed with the new ITV series, The Secret. It's a four-part series, the first two episodes have already been shown but, fear not, they're available on catch-up through the ITV/UTV player depending on where you live. It's based on a real-life murder case and if it doesn't make your skin crawl, there's something very wrong. I don't want to spoil it too much for people who haven't been watching but I would 100% recommend it. It's always nice to see TV series from Northern Ireland doing well.


I picked up this Rhubarb and Plum scented candle by The Elemental Company at a vintage fair recently. It smells absolutely amazing and I've already burnt over half of it. I will definitely be repurchasing this along with some of their other scents. Check out their Facebook page here.