Sunday, 25 September 2016

Post-Summer Playlisting

Now that summer is well and truly over, and we're nearly at the end of September, I thought I would share some of the amazing songs and artists I've discovered in recent months. Thanks to the iOS 10 update, my Apple Music is finally starting to recommend songs that aren't already in my library and most of them have been pretty darn good recommendations. These aren't all "new" songs but they're what I'm listening to at the moment.

Free - Broods

It was so hard to pick just one Broods song as their whole discography is excellent. I chose Free because the chorus is one of my favourite pieces of music ever. It's so good I haven't even got words to describe it. You just have to listen.

The Great Divide (Crash Cove Remix) - Rebecca Black

For this one I need you to press play, close your eyes and forget that this is the same person responsible for "Friday." This song shows that she really does have good vocals. The original version of this song is epic too - I just like the beat drop in this one! Rebecca is a YouTuber as well as a singer, and her channel is really good for song recommendations, a lot of my new music comes from her "Songs That Will Change Your Life" segment!

Fell in the Sun - Big Grams

Although summer is gone for another year, we all need a nice reminder of happy sunny days every now and again and this is exactly what this song is. This song is from the collaborative album by Big Boi and Phantogram, if you're a fan of either artist, it's worth listening to.

Castle - Halsey

I must've been hiding under a rock for a while, because I've only just discovered Halsey. And what a discovery it has been.This track is dark, moody and it features in The Huntsman Winter's War. Not to mention it has a choir chorus, and I love me a choir chorus. Her album "Badlands" will be on a loop for a while yet.

Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) - Cheat Codes and Dante Klein

This track is an up-cycled version of "Turn Me On" by Kevin Lyttle which came out way back in 2003 and it's just as good the second time around. 

Oceans by Coasts

I feel like this song is what would happen if Two Door Cinema Club had a baby with Bastille. I'm absolutely dying to hear this live, so if they're touring, let me know. 

Ultraviolet - Dagny

Dagny's Ultraviolet EP is bursting with energy and amazing indie-pop moments so once again picking just one track has been so hard. This particular track is about meeting someone new, liking them and having the fear because you think they're too good to be true. I can't listen to this song without wanting to get up and dance.

California Bound - Carolina Liar

This song wouldn't have been out of place on The OC soundtrack, it's another guitar-heavy summer beachy song and I'm not even sorry. 

Seeing Stars - BØRNS

I accidently stumbled upon this track while I was trapped in a YouTube blackhole a few nights ago and I'm so glad I did. This one is a feel-good catchy number and I promise it'll be stuck in your head after the first listen.

Somebody Else - Verite

My favourite thing about this song is that the chorus is really upbeat, but when you listen to the lyrics, they're actually quite heartbreaking and sad. Such deception. 

Gossip - XYLØ

I think everyone has been in the situation where they've been the subject of some kind of untrue story or gossip, and this is basically what this song is about. I love love love the beat in this track and I can't wait to download everything else that XYLO have ever released. I haven't been able to find a link to embed but the song is on iTunes and Apple Music so go check it out!

Superdope - Will.I.Am ft CL

I am absolutely at a loss with this song. I've loved it since the minute I heard the snippit of it in the EE advert but I haven't been able to download it anywhere. The closest I've got so far is this link, but I can't find a way to actually download or save it. Let me know if you're a whizz at this. It's catchy as hell and I need it in my ears.

Starving - Hailee Steinfeld and Grey ft Zedd

This one is no surprise because I've loved every single song that Hailee Steinfeld has put out. Starving isn't quite the upbeat party anthem that "Love Myself" was, but it's still pretty damn good.  This song starts quite chilled and vibe-y but when the beat drops I can't help but smile every time I hear it.

As always, if you know any songs or artists that you think I'd like, PLEASE share in the comments below or tweet me @MsMegan91  I will listen to every single suggestion.